Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Final (?) Word on the Super King

Hi Dave,

I realize that my instructions for assembling a White Hut "Super King" last week glossed over the key ingredient - the meat patty itself. When I first tried to recreate one, I mistakenly used ground sirloin in thick patties. I quickly learned to travel down the meat-quality spectrum to ground chuck or hamburger, and to make the patties much, much thinner.

Yesterday Jeff Brenneman (DHS '60) reminded me that Chazz Mewhort (DHS '60) once said those patties were actually made up of meat mixed with suet and bread crumbs. In support of Chazz's contention, remember that Chazz was a close friend of Jim Lee (DHS '59) who - between gigs at the piano and stints as a mechanic - also spent some months as the cook at the Colony Hut and would know what went on in the kitchen.

Hope this helps in the reconstruction of future "Super Kings".

-- Bill Rinehart (DHS '58)

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