Monday, February 23, 2009


   All of the talk about the Palm Sunday tornados dredged up some memories. That evening I was at work at #16 Fire Station, on Detroit Ave, near Dorr St.  An alarm came in for a problem at  Deveaux Village. A few minutes later another alarm, this one at the DuPont facility on Tremainsville Road. Shortly thereafter another alarm was sounded for the Dana Corporation (Spicer plant) at Sylvania and Bennett.  Ten minutes or so later the last (of 4) rescue squad was dispatched to a bus rollover on what was then called the Detroit-Toledo Expressway. They were dispatched from #16 Station. 

Our engine company was then sent to #25 Station at Central and Drummond to cover that part of the city at that time. Soon after our arrival there one of the off duty firefighters from that station came in asking about the Shoreland area tornado. Until that time, none of us had any knowledge of a tornado, only that there had been a rash of alarms that we knew were storm related. 

By the way, if Marty thinks watching the activity at the Drill Tower was fun--------jumping into that new was a real trip. Also stepping out of the 5th floor window and rappelling a floor at a time down the side of the tower was, to say the least, interesting. (Of course we were all young and fearless then).

Good memories in all of these e-mails. Keep them coming. 

-- Gary Willoughby, DHS 58',  []

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