Thursday, February 12, 2009

Shops near DeVeaux

Hi Dave,

I am glad to see that Jim Jaggers wrote you about those shops near DeVeaux and yes, the little grocery store on the corner wa called the K&W -- I know because I frequented it.  Also on the other side of DeVeaux was Johnson Furniture, Phairmont Pharmacy, National Foods, which later became Foodtown and Shoppers Town Discount Store.

During the Tornado of 1963, Shoppers Town lost it's roof which ended up over on the other side of Douglas Rd by one of the Duplex's if my memory serves me correctly. I also think that maybe Mike Scott was over at DeVEaux at the same time I was from 1950-1959. I know that Cynthia (Cindy) Boyd was.

Thanks for posting all of these notes from other DHS grads.

-- Gary Herren DHS 1963

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