Thursday, February 12, 2009


I remember them well. My parents lived on Seckinger Dr. between Monroe St. and Sylvania Ave. My husband, children, and I went to their house after church to visit for awhile and have dinner. I told him that we had better head home because the sky was so black. We were just ahead of the storm. We traveled Sylvania Ave. to Douglas Rd. right ahead of the path of the tornadoes that went across Douglas Rd. While waiting for the traffic light to change at the intersections of Tremainsville, Douglas, and Laskey, the wind lifted our car up and set it down. The lights at the gas station were bending almost to the ground. After arriving home, which at that time was on Winona Rd., we found a lot of our aluminum siding had been ripped off of the house.

Our daughter went to the hospital for a tonsillectomy shortly after this event. While there, her roommate was a young girl who had been hurt in the tornado. She didn't know whether her parents were alive or not. So many people were hurt that they were sent to a number of different hospitals. The day my daughter was released her roommate's dad came walking in on crutches. She was so happy to see him. Her mother was still in the hospital. My friend, Jim Weyer, took the infamous picture of the two tornadoes that was shown in numerous publications.

We saw a lot of the devastation. I pray that we never see one here again.
-- Donna (Wynn) Owens
Class of 1954

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