Friday, February 13, 2009


Dave and Tom:
I have that same kindergarten picture at home with quite a few names listed on the back but am currently wintering in Sarasota, Florida. I compared my memories of names with Carol (Matthews) Ludwig and we came up with these additional identities:

First row, second from left, Linda Hite, looks like Connie Marlowe, third from right. Second row, first person, Billy Jarvis; Third row, first person, we think is Rhonda Monroe, third = Patty _?, fourth = Jean Hite, fifth = Suzanne Lowe, seventh = Carol Matthews, = eighth we think is Sue Ellithorpe, then Marlene Simon on the end. Fourth row: eighth = Shirley Herzig, ninth = Tom W.and tenth+Sue S.
-- Sue (Bremfoerder) Hosler

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