Friday, February 13, 2009

Tornados and Snickers

On the night of the Palm Sunday tornado I was returning from some Spring skiing at Boyne and drove through what I assume was the edge of a 
tornado in Milan, MI. When I got home and drove up to my apartment building at the corner of Stannard and Sylvania Ave something did not look right. There were people standing in the front yard and when I looked at the building I could see stars through the third floor windows. The tornado had ripped half the roofs off of two of the buildings and the carports. Although there were people in those apartments at the time, no one was injured. 

In the eighth grade at DeVeaux I was a crossing guard and had the job of turning the traffic light in front of the school off and on. I would go out 15 minutes before the first graders were dismissed, turn the light on, and return to class. During this time I developed an addiction for  Snickers bars. I would rush out turn the light on, run next door to the K & W (Krauss & Williams) market and buy a Snickers. One day the grocer asked me why I wasn't in school. I said, "It's okay. I have  permission." He said, "You have permission to leave school and buy a Snickers bar?" I was so afraid he would call the school and report me that I lost my addiction for Snickers and he lost a candy bar customer!

-- Roger Rummel

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