Monday, March 2, 2009

Carol Retzke, Lynn Hartman

As a result of my rebuilding my mailing list I reconnected with some classmates who had been inadvertently dropped over the years.   Below is an exchange between Carol Retzke and Lynn Hartman.  Feel free to drop either of them a line at for Carol who uses her nickname Cary, or Lynn at

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From: Lynn Schuttenberg
To: Carol
Sent: Sunday, March 01, 2009 11:36 PM
Subject: Re: Latest Photo

Hi Cary,

Great picture of both of you!  How fun to see photos after all of these years. In both you and Dave I see facial features I recognize and would remember, but also see differences that make me wonder if we would recognize each other if we met on the street somewhere. I always envied your long hair and floppy pony tail in high school. I never looked good in long hair and never got to have a pony tail that flopped back and forth when I walked. Maybe as the plans get under way for the reunion, someone could set up a photo album like Webshots or some other online album that we could send pictures to for a better chance to recognize one another when we meet  again.  We have done that previously when we have been going on a cruise and have been chatting online beforehand with others we have not met yet who will be on the same cruise.  Having a little cheat sheet really helps us to recognize each other when we finally meet.  The people who still live in Toledo and see each other regularly are at a real advantage.

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