Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Old West End

Many thanks to Lynn Payne Sigman for the wonderful memories she shared.

I lived most of my young life at 2346 Lawrence Avenue, just a few minutes walk from the corner she wrote about. We moved to the DeVilbiss district after I spent my first two years at Scott High School. I remember all the stores and shops she referred to, but had forgotten all the names. One Halloween we tied all ten of the garbage cans together by the bus stop at that very corner. The driver would go in and have a coffee at the drugstore and while he was there we tied the end of the rope to the back bumper. When he pulled away the cans just started jumping up one at a time and following him down the street. Those old Community Traction buses were so noisy that he never heard all the racket and vanished out of site. We never did find out what happened to those garbage cans.....

What a wonderful time it was. Maybe a few more of us could write a little more about their experiences growing up. We might not write as well as Lynn, but the stories are well worth telling.

Thanks again Lynn,

-- David Lea

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