Tuesday, March 17, 2009

L'il Abner

To all you L'il Abner fans, here's the official website for those characters we grew up with:

Li'l Abner

For reasons unknown, I've always remembered how to spell Joe Btfsplk.   Talk about a useless piece of information!

Thanks, Dave, for keeping this often hilarious e-newsletter going!

-- Gloria Diane (Brown) Altona, 1950

Q. Why is Joe Btfsplk shunned and feared?
A. He's the world's worst jinx.

Q. Why were the Shmoos declared illegal?
A. Because they make work and money unnecessary.

The third character is still in office, I do believe.

Q. What's his full name?
A. Jack S. Phogbound

From: Diane Altona [mailto:daltona@san.rr.com]


Thanks Diane: These really bring back memories.......Dave

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