Monday, March 2, 2009

Old West End

I enjoyed Lynns recollections. My daughter asked me to do a bio for her this Christmas and I have done so. Mush of it were such recollections of the days on the streets with all the school chums. Not all recollections were positive but they all were of a different time when more mixing took place and folks seemed to better care for each other.

The mention of Mary Manse brought to mind a situation that came up a couple years ago. I was in the Maine Legislature at that time and we had to confirm an appointment by the governor. When I looked over the individuals credentials I saw Mary Manse as the woman's college.  Before the hearings I asked her about several of the less reputable bars in Toledo at the time she had been in school. She had attended none of them so got my vote.

Keep up the great work. This is always the first EMail I open.

-- Dusty Fisher "59"

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