Monday, March 9, 2009

Memories of Toledo

The attachment [SEE "LINK" ABOVE] is really good. You have to navigate around a little but I loved the Restaurants. Kin Wa Low was gone I think in the late 50's. There was a restaurant where the parking lot is for the old LOF building now Hylant's Insurance Headquarters. That could have been the Kin Wa Low but I never remember it as an option or was that where the Golden Lily was located before it moved to the Board of Trade Building and then next to Jim Feak's. I may be wrong on that the Golden Lily could have been on Monroe across from the Western Union building which became the parking lot next to the Chamber of Commerce Building and then they moved to Superior next to Jim Feak's and across from Dyers and down past the Esquire. Great shot of the interior of Smith's boy was that the place for lunch if your worked downtown. Paul Burnor sat at one of the front tables every day and held court. Also there was a blind insurance salesman Forman I believe who was usually there with his dog. I had a lot of hot roast beef sandwiches and mashed potatoes at the
wheel. Thanks Bill Wagner for the link.

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