Sunday, March 22, 2009

King and His Court

Hi Dave,

Eddie Feigner, the King of the King and his Court traveling fast pitch team, died a few years ago. 

June of l958, my first summer back from the army, I saw the King and his Court play a local conglomeration of athletes at McCarthy Stadium, a night game.  The late Jack Kennedy pitched for the Toledo team and I think UT basketball coach Bobby Nichols played along with other local athletes.  Eddie kept moving back, continued to strike out batters from second base and, of all places, from center field.  The man was an amazing athlete.  When Eddie died I think he was in his late 70's. 

Why do I remember my dinner before this game?  Somehow I do and this was in my eating days when I weighed a ton.  I stopped at an Italian restaurant and polished off a spaghetti dinner with meatballs, a tray of garlic toast, a pizza with pepperoni, three or four Diet drinks and two or three cups of "joe" along with a mammoth slice of banana cream pie. Mama mia, I would be 400 pounds eating like that today!!!!!!!

-- Tuffy Reason []

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